Google+ Pages

Google-PlusGoogle+ is rapidly becoming one of the more popular Social Media platforms… but whether or not you are active on Google+ – having a Google+ Business Page is a very easy (and VERY important) way to raise your profile on Google Search and Google Map Search Results…. and best of all it is FREE…

Google+ Business Page

A Google+ Business Page is a fantastic way to let potential customers know more about your business… Once you ahve created and verfieid your Google+ Page, it can show up on Google Search Results, on Google Maps, and on Google+ Searches whenever people look for your business name , or even for your type  of business within a particular town, suburb or city.

google-business-pagesYour Business Page will show your customers

  • Were you are
  • How to Contact You
  • Hours of Operation
  • Photos and Virtual Tours of your business
  • … and more

Google+ Page Consulting

If you don’t already have a Googe+ Page, we can guide you through the process of creating one peoperly.

If a Google+ Page already existis for your business, but you donlt know how to manage it, we can help you claim and verify it.

Google+ Page Optimisation

If you already have a Google+ Business Page, we can show you how to optimise and manage it properly.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the creation or management of your Google+ Business Page.