Aerial Photography

We can use drones to take a variety of different aerial photos :

360° Aerial Panorama

This involves taking a series of photos (Typically approx. 30 individual photos) from a fixed aerial location using a drone, and stitching them into a single 360° Panosphere like this :

Note: panospheres are special types of images which cannot simply be added into a web page and viewed interactively.  They can be added to Google maps and then embedded (as per above) or can be embedded using special software.


360° Aerial Photos

We can take more traditional aerial still photos, and optionally included markers and/or overlays.


Aerial 360° Virtual Tours

We can also use 360° Aerial Panoramas to make a virtual tour Like this :

… or incorporate Aerial photos into a more traditional Virtual Tour Like this :

Note: there are flight restrictions on drones within 5.5km of airports.

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