Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are a fabulous way to properly showcase a location… to allow visitors to experience an area without having to physically be there.

A Virtual Tour allows potential customers/clients to take a self-guided walk through of your space – looking at the things they want to (not just the things that you think they want to see).

A Virtual Tour is created by interconnecting a number of individual 360° Photospheres and by (optionally) adding extra functionality such as menus, hotspots, auto-rotation and background audio.

Types of Virtual Tours

There are a variety of different types of Virtual Tours :

Google Virtual Tour – provides basic functionality but allows your tour to be accessed direct from Google Search, Google Maps and can also be embedded into a website or onto social media

Extended Virtual Tour  – starts with a Google Virtual Tour as a base, but adds extra “overlay: functionality such as Logos/branding, Menus, Hotspots, etc…

Standalone Virtual Tour – is independent of Google and offers the most functionality and features.  Can be self-hosted and embedded into a website or onto social media.  Ideal for Real Estate Virtual Tours.

Virtual Tour Costs

Costs vary from around $500 upwards and is dependent on the size and layout of the areas/s you want to cover and the features/functionality you wish to include.  In providing you with a quote, we will often do a site visit to determines the number of nodes (individual photosphere) are required, but we can usually provide an indicative cost over the phone.

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