Business Views Explained

Business Views is a service originally initiated as a pilot by Google in 2010, but now available to all Business owners in Australia and many other countries.

Google Business Views is a paid service offered through Authorised, Google Approved, “Trusted Photographers”

Google Business Views provides your business with a virtual tour and 10-15 professional still photos that will showcase important aspects of your business.

Your virtual tour will appear in three important Google Products :

  1. On your Google+ Business Page (originally lnown as Google Places or Google+ Local).  This will show up in two prominent areas
    • in the upper right, below the map area will be a “Look Inside” Image encouraging your potential customers to take the virtual tour.  When they click on it they will be taken to a point inside or in front of your business.  They will be able to take  360° virtual tour by clicking and dragging the screen
    • Still photos will appear in the photos section and will be tagged “from Google”
  2. In Google Maps search results
  3. In regular Google Search results – a map and photos with links will appear in the right sidebar of the standard Google results – allowing potential visitors to take a virtual tour within your business, see how it looks outside, or take them direct to your Google+ Business Page

Business Views allows your potential customers to see parts of your business they may not otherwise see, and helps them to decide whether they should continue by clicking thorough to your website, or by actually visiting your business in person.


The video below (by  a New York based Trusted Photographer) provides an excellent overview of the benefits and features of Business Photos and also shows how Business Photos can be used to help promote your business online and differentiate yourself from your competition))