Real Estate is one area that can be difficult to display as a traditional Google Virtual Tour… whilst Hotel, Commercial and even B&B  type properties can usually be done as Google Virtual Tours, Residential Properties and Apartments are specifically excluded under Google Street View Terms and Conditions.

We can work with you to Shoot, Process, and Publish 360° Photos and Virtual Tours to a variety of platforms… and once the photos have been taken and processed, they can be used to promote your Real Estate properties in one (or more) of the following ways :

Google Virtual Tours

Google (See Inside) Virtual Tours are one of the most effective ways to raise then profile of your Hotel or commercial business  online.  Google Virtual Tours are available directly from Google Search or Google Maps.

Standalone Virtual Tours

Standalone Virtual Tours have enhanced features such as Menu Navigation, Customised Hotspots, Information/Video Popups, auto-rotation and background sounds.

Embed on your Website

Once a tour has been published to Google (or created as a “Standalone Virtual Tour”) it can be embedded into your website.

If you have a Marketing role within the Real Estate Industry and are interested in discussing how Virtual Tours, 360° Photos or 360° Video could be used to raise the profile of your properties, please call Andy on 0403 023 223 or  Contact Us.