Standalone Virtual Tours

Standalone Virtual Tours are independent of Google, are created using specialist third-party processing software and hosted either on your own website or on a Virtual Tour Hosting service.    extra features such

Standalone Virtual Tours are ideal for Real Estate Virtual Tours (which are NOT allowed as a Google Virtual Tour)  or Travel Industry Virtual Tours,  and offer a host of extra features such as :

  • Logo/Branding
  • Menuing system
  • Auto Rotation
  • Hotspots (Information, Image, Video and more)
  • Audio background
  • … and much more…

Extended Virtual Tour Costs

The costs for creating a Standalone Virtual Tour (which includes the [hotoshoot, creation of individual panoramas, integration into a tour, and publication) vary from around $800 upwards – depending on the number of nodes required to cover the area/s you want, and the features/functionality you wish to include.  You can either host the tour on your own server or we can offer Virtual Tour Hosting for a small ongoing (monthly/annual) cost.

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